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Promise 2 Dozen Roses NO 1V

2 Dozen Roses in Container, 50-60cm.

Caress 2 Doz Roses in Basket NO 2V

2 Dozen Coloured Roses In Basket

1 Dozen Roses NO 3V

1 Dozen Long Stem Roses 50-60cm in length.

1 Dozen Long Stem Roses NO 4V

1 Dozen Long Stem Roses, 60cm in length, luxurious fill and greenery, finished with beautiful wrapping and a bow.

Seduction 1 Dozen Roses In Box NO 5V

Seduction 1 Dozen Roses In Box

1 Dozen Long Stem Roses NO 6V

1 Dozen Long Stem Roses

Candy 12 Roses in Boxed Arrangement 7V

12 Roses in Box Arrangement, short stem 30cm in length.

Impulse 10 Roses in Box 8V

10 Roses in Boxed Arrangement

6 Long stem Roses NO 9V

6 Long Stem Columbian Roses

Adore Trendy 6 roses in arrangement NO 10V

Adore Trendy 6 Roses in container

Single Rose In Box NO 12V

1 Long Stem Rose Presented in Box

Gracefull Pink Oriental Lilies NO 13V

Gracefull Pink Oriental Lilies

Tranquility White Lilies N O 14V

White Oriental Lily Arrangement

Balloon must be accompanied by flower selection NO 25V

Balloon on a Stick, small air balloon @ $5.00, large air balloon @ $10.00 each.

Chocolates NO 27 V

Boxes of Chocolates, starting from $15.00 per small box, $25.00 med box, $35.00 large box.
(15 items) 1 page